Friday, May 3, 2013

Chakra Balancing- Try it!

Please watch this video because it could save your life. Open your eyes to a new way of thinking.  Isn't that what the whole worlds needs?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Donate a smile today, We did...

Donate a Smile today, We did
Operation Smile is an international charity that focuses on making sure every child has a smile to give. A smile is one way people use to bridge their differences. No matter where a person lives or to what culture or ethnicity they belong, a smile offers warmth, friendliness and joy.

Some Babies Are Not So Lucky

Throughout the world, every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft of the lip, palate (the hard, bony and soft areas on the roof of the mouth) or a combination of both. These facial deformities often make it difficult, if not impossible, for a child to eat in a normal fashion. Many children, especially in those countries that lack access to consistent medical care, do not survive. In fact, one baby out of ten that is born with a cleft will die before their first birthday.

Access to Medical Care Is Not the Only Problem

There are many countries that offer other challenges besides access to high quality medical care when it comes to a child's cleft being repaired. Many families, especially in countries where the infrastructure is not well developed, have a difficult time reaching the medical care that is available. This is especially true when the family lives very rurally, as is often the case.

Cost is a Factor

Another challenge often faced by these families is that they are not able to pay for even the routine medical care that is necessary. Paying for a surgery to fix a cleft can seem like an insurmountable problem with no solution when a family must live on the mere pennies that are all the salary the working parent is paid each day.

Operation Smile Steps Up

A charity with a medical focus, Operation Smile has an international reach. Its medical professionals make up a team that is much more than just a charity or a non government organization. They are people from all over the world with top notch medical training. Eager to make a difference in a child's life so they can smile, play, eat and socialize just like other children, these volunteers have large, caring hearts and lots of love to give.

Reaching Far Into The Future

Operation Smile has provided more than 200,000 free surgeries on young adults and children born with facial deformities since 1982. They have also performed over 3.5 million complete medical examinations on patients. In addition, Operation Smile helps train doctors in some of the world's poorest areas. By making healthcare systems throughout the world stronger, more children are able to enjoy the medical care they need in order to live long and healthy lives.

Donating a Smile is Easy

ID You & Co. donated a smile on 3/9/13 and you can too! Donating is easy and it can help so many children reach their full potential. Rhea of ID You & Co. has a strong committment to charitable organizations and loves to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

ID You & Co. donated a smile on 3/9/13 and you can too! Donating is easy and it can help so many children reach their full potential. Rhea of ID You & Co. has a strong committment to charitable organizations and loves to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Handmade Jewelry Designs by Deepa Gurnani

Beads, Chains and Crystals exquisitely handmade to create this beautiful floral bouquet necklace by Deepa Gurnani. 

This exquisite necklace is absolutely stunning on and off. The bead work is executed by hand, one bead at a time.  This necklace ties at the neck with a ribbon.  It may look heavy but its not.  It's very comfortable and easy to wear.
It's really like a beautiful piece of jewelry.  
Sold elsewhere  -  $548.00     ID You & Co. Price - $275.00
Deepa Gurnani Handmade Jewelry

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My first year !

ID You & Co. – My first Year

I started ID You & Co., an online ecommerce website, in the beginning of the 2011. Offering ladies accessories and jewelry online with a twist, I would donate 10% of purchases to charity.

As  2011 comes to an end, I look back to reflect on my accomplishments. The year was not without its ups and downs.  Setting out on unknown territory was extremely difficult.  I have learned an incredible amount.   Proud of what I have accomplished, yet humbled with so much more that needs to be done.

I would like to thank a few of my vendors that went above and beyond the call of duty:

Mordechai of “The Jewelers” in Las Vegas
Victoria of The Pink Kitty
Dinesh of Sterling Forest in NYC
Amanda of Junkyard Showroom in LA
Jay of Deepa Gurnani in NYC
Amanda of Big Buddha in NYC
Kerry of Vegas Tech Group

I would also like to thank my special friends, Gail, Suzy and Toni. They were always supportive and cheered me on and were great customers too. 

And of course my family, Drew, Brittany and Jordan.  Your continued support and understanding made it possible for me to pursue my dream.   

In closing, I would like to thank each and every customer.  Without you all, I could not have had such a successful year! 

I am looking forward to 2012 with great hope and excitement. 

Thank you,
Rhea Shervan
ID You & Co.

In 2011 ID You & Co. Donated to the following:

Adelson Education Campus      
American Diabetes                      
American Red Cross                   
The Arc of Monmouth               
Feeding America                        
JCC of Las Vegas                       
National Breast Cancer              
National Kidney Foundation    
Nothing But Nets                       
Operation Smile                          
St. Jude                                        
Temple Beth Sholom in Las Vegas
Temple Sinai in Las Vegas        

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